About Us

I am an avid Disney/theme park enthusiast with a background in theatre. As an actor, as well as a costume/scenic designer and director. It is my love of theatre and details that translates into my love of immersive theme parks. From the smells that come from the confectionery to the parapets of the Kingdom’s majestic castle, every detail pushes the story forward. The feeling I get from performing or watching a broadway musical is similar to the feeling I get riding my favorite thrills. It is the details and that feeling with my background in theatrical design that wanted to bring those elements to all of you!

Dapper Digs started out as me creating fun things for my partner and I (and our friends) to wear at the parks. It was the interaction from other guests asking where I purchased these items that sparked the concept of Dapper Digs! 

I only hope that my love of design, details and drama translates into our fashions and helps you and your loved ones live the most magical of memories for years to come!